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EP11 | One way ticket, I have to see the Northern lights this time

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Last time in Iceland for 5 days :/ During the Iceland trip that I took several years ago, my friends and I drove 3 hours to the location where we were told would have Northern Lights (I wasn't the driver, I didn’t have a license yet). I’m not sure if I actually saw it or it was just my imagination, but there was like an extremely light dark green for 2 minutes. I’d say it was nothing.

This time, I booked a one-way flight ticket, called a few tour agents, and booked a couple of tours, including a backup tour, because I just have to see it! I’m so determined.

Stranger´s help & tour When we arrived, we got lost. Someone came to help us and showed us the direction to the hotel. They also showed us their Northern Lights tour using a leaflet with a Facebook page on it. The Facebook group posts recent photos and some followings. Hotel check-in & tours

We decided to check for tours with the hotel during check-in first. There were several offerings.

What would you choose? – let me know in the comment! 1. A small group tour with the stranger who just helped you with the directions or 2. Tours referred to you by the hotel where you will go together with more people by bus

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