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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Going back to Hong Kong from Norway - Difficulty 4/5

My flight back to Hong Kong from Oslo through Doha is at noon on Tuesday.

Apart from being fully vaccinated, one of the requirements to enter Hong Kong is to have a PCR test that is either ISO15168 or government-certified.

So, we only have around 24 hours to get tested and get the result before the flight. Letโ€™s say 24 hours because:

๐ŸšถYou need to get the report physically

๐ŸงณIt gives a buffer for getting to the airport and checking the baggage.

The problem is the choice between

1) The guarantee option: ISO with ISO, It takes 1-3 working days but is closed on the weekend.

2) The option that fits the time frame: fly-to-go Rapid-PCR, It is certified by the government, giving you results in only 1-5 hours.

Which one would you choose?

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