[𝐄𝐏𝟐𝟏] Leaving Tromsø: Night Of Hustles, But all went well. 🤍Travel Story With Tips

[𝐄𝐏𝟐𝟏] Night Of Hustles, but eventually it all went smoothly. Goodbye Tromsø & my little bro.

🤍Some tips and take away at the bottom.

The last day of my trip wasn't very smooth.

As it was my 1st time in Tromsø, I wasn't familiar with their porta and I was nervous. The cruise trip was a long trip that was more than just transportation; if I missed that, I would be screwed.

Our initial plan was to go to the port together at ~8pm. So, if anything went wrong with the port location, etc., we could be more agile as a team than one girl with 2 suitcases.

& Spend more time tgt.

Turned out there was an incident that we worried about more.

My little brother's flight was at 6 am.

Something we only learned after check-out.

Things you need to be aware of at the Tromsø airport

The Tromsø airport is not 24h.

The first bus-only starts at 5 am, and the airport only opens at 4:30 ish.

So, there was no way he could make it to the flight by bus.

It closes from 0:00 to 4:30.

If you go too early, you will have to wait outside the airport at 0°C.🥶🌬

🤞Fortunately, my little brother just double-checked with the receptionist about the transportation. Otherwise, he would be staying at Tromsø alone while hotels were fully-booked and I was on the sea already.

👏Luckily, the receptionist was very helpful.🤍

The receptionist was very nice, allowing him to stay past midnight in the hotel meeting room/side lobby.🤞

So that he could take a taxi to the airport 4:15am and catch the flight.

One of the reasons I love Norway is that the people I have met so far are incredibly nice.

-- feeling grateful🥰

Now, phase 1 of traveling from Northern Norway to Southern Norway is officially finished. Phase 1: Visit Tromsø with my little brother.

Next Phase: Solo travel from the North to South of Norway by different transportations.


🐣Tips & Takeaway:

Budget - Don't book a flight from Tromsø earlier than 7:30 am.

Taxi is extremely expensive in Norway, but it is the only way to get there if your flight is as early as 6 am. How expensive it is? Definitely much more expensive than Barcelona. Basically, 1 Nok 1 seconds, so it's like $1 for 8 seconds, 9 Euro for 9 seconds. You will see the number keeps going up. If you do not spare a budget for it, you are gonna have a heart attack jk jk.

So if you are going to Tromsø in winter, it is better not to take a flight earlier than 7:30am.


Who's reading until here? lol

I'm curious :P comment 👇.

(Not much proofreading haha)

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